We love price data

To us, every tick counts

Deltroy AI views prices (including Bids, Asks,
Sizes and related metrics) as blocks that are constantly rising and falling in certain ways or patterns

'The path’ ‘how' price leads to a price level corresponds to certain market behavior

Deltroy AI has learned over 6,000+ (and counting) of such patterns and behaviors since its inception

It groups patterns and behaviors in 
sets and sub-sets for 
Long - Short and Sideways Scenarios. It learns from every market
day instances and corrects its analytical view points
in such a manner that it understands why it made
that call and how it could have made it better and
uses its deep learning components right away to capitalize opportunities 

When Deltroy AI makes a profitable call, it also investigates what went right. It analyzes every market distinctly with parameters and sets tailored for each market

From 01 October 2019, Deltroy AI’s Analytical Calls are available on 3 months / 6 months / 12 months Subscription basis. Prospective clients may access a Trial as well as inquire the Subscription fees specifically for their Market(s) of choice

We believe Deltroy AI
has the equivalent of exponential Analyst
years and it can be a valuable addition for Financial Institutions globally